4 Leaders - 4 Groups - 5 Part TV Series

We have invited 4 leaders to lead four groups of people through the Alaska experience. Each group will be filmed experiencing 5 adventures in 8 days, having the time of their lives while ``Living Their List.``
The Health Nuts - Lead by Travis Richardson
The Hostel - Lead by Bobby and James
Loving Life Group - Lead by Michelle Melendez
The Adventure Group

8 Days - 5 Adventures

The No Regrets film crew will dedicate an episode in our 5-part series to each group highlighting them go through the 5 adventures and special tasks we give them while in the Great North West.
Travel to Alaska
In July 2014 No Regrets Productions is hosting a unique experience in the great state of Alaska. Go with us on this ultimate adventure.
Off Road Jeep Tour
Make Life Long Friends
You'll be a part of a special group that best describes you and you'll bond with all 20 Lifelisters, all Living Their List!
Hiking Denali National Park
(Activities Subject to Change)
5-Part TV Series
Our Alaska trip will produce four 'No Regrets Live Your List' TV shows, highlighting the adventures you'll experience while you're there
ATV Tour
Biking Denali

The No Regrets, Live Your List TV Show

This Alaska trip is being filmed for a late 2014 release of a 5-part series on “Living Your List” in Alaska.  Everyone that joins us on this trip will be the “stars” in these shows.  Four episodes are dedicated to the four groups.  If you’ve always wanted to be in a positive reality series while experiencing adventure, excitement, deep connections with other adventurous people, then this is the perfect trip for you.

This series will be shot this ONE TIME in Alaska so don’t miss out.  If you’d like to join us, please contact us using the information below and we’ll see if you are a fit for one of our groups.

Contact the show’s producer, Robert Evans
(619) 616-3781