Join Bobby and James with the International Travelers House in Alaska for the Life-List Experience of a Lifetime

Be one of the stars of our 5-part TV Series called 'Life-List Alaska'

8 Days - 5 Adventures

The No Regrets film crew will dedicate an episode in our 5-part series to each group highlighting them go through the 5 adventures and special tasks we give them while in the Great North West.
Travel to Alaska
In July 2014 No Regrets Productions is hosting a unique experience in the great state of Alaska. Go with us on this ultimate adventure.
Off Road Driving
Make Life Long Friends
You'll be a part of a special group that best describes you and you'll bond with all 20 Lifelisters, all Living Their List!
Hike / Explore Denali National Park
Subject to change
5-Part TV Series
Our Alaska trip will produce four 'No Regrets Live Your List' TV shows, highlighting the adventures you'll experience while you're there
ATV Tour
Trip Itinerary (Subject to Change)
Sunday July 13th
Day 1 - Arrive in Anchorage, Stay at Aspen Inn
Fly into Anchorage, meet group and have group dinner.
Monday July 14th
Day 2 - Go River Rafting
Groups will head out for their first adventure, White Water River Rafting.
Tuesday July 15th
Day 3 - Go Hang with the Bears
Experience one of the most iconic elements of Alaska - The Bears
Wednesday July 16th
Day 4 - Drive to Denali
Head to Denali National Park, day hike and then settle into our camp site.
Thursday July 17th
Day 5 - ATV Adventure
See the amazing back country of Denali on your own ATV... land, water and mud!
Friday July 18th
Day 6 - Zipline the trees of Denali
Time to go into the trees and zip from one to another. Zipline Baby!
Saturday July 19th
Day 7 - Jeep Tour & then back to Anchorage
First we take a Jeep tour of the Denali Hwy, then back in the van to Anchorage for a night on the town.
Sunday July 20th
Day 8 - Closing Cermony, end at 1pm
End the trip back in Denali at the Aspen Inn. Stay and play or catch your plane home.

How to join us on this trip:

The Life List Alaska trip is an 8-day adventure that will be experienced by four groups of people (4 to 5 people in each group.)  The space on this trip is VERY LIMITED and we expect it to fill fast.  Each group has a leader that will lead their group through the adventure experiences and tasks given to them on this trip.  No Regrets Productions films the entire trip and will dedicate an episode of the 5-part series to each group.  You basically are the stars of the show!

The trip cost includes transportation, accommodations (hotel and camping), the adventures, most food (you will cover some meals yourself), and participation in the overall experience and TV series.  The Life List Alaska 5-part series is a ‘positive’ reality show focused on people experiencing things on their bucket list. It will be released Fall of 2014; online and through TV streaming services.  It will also be shopped to larger networks for a wider release.  The initial release will go out to over 300k targeted viewers.

If you love adventure and have always wanted to be in the grandeur of the great North West, then this is the perfect trip for you.

Cost to join this group (based on availability): $4500 (flight to Anchorage is not included)

If you are interested in joining us, contact us using the information below or reach out to the leader that sent you to this page.

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